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E3 2019: Contra Rogue Corps Coming to Switch This September 24th

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Konami and Nintendo have joined forces during Nintendo Direct at E3 2019 to reveal Contra Rogue Corps, a new episode from the famous producer of the Japanese series.

A few hours in-between E3 2019, Nintendo carried out its traditional Nintendo Direct, and showed several titles that are on their way to Nintendo Switch. Within this lineup highlighted a new Contra, full of action that well characterizes this series.

Through a revelation trailer, Nintendo was commissioned to present Contra Rogue Corps, a title of the war series with a lot of adrenaline. As seen in the preview, there will be several characters.

One of them is Kaiser, the squad leader who will face the threats in Damned City. But this human will not be alone, since Hungry Beast, a panda half-animal and half-robot will be a heavyweight ally, who along with 2 other allies must restore order and defeat the fearsome aliens.

The title will be a beat ’em up 3D platform in which you can share the experience with other people.

If you are one of those who looked forward to a new installment of Contra, then you will be even happier to know that it has a release date: September 24th.

Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with the reveal trailer of Contra Rogue Corps below.


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