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Confirmed: Nintendo Will Repair The Affected Joy-Con in Latin America for Free

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The controversy over the problems that have presented some Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch continues to give something to talk about, but it must be recognized that Nintendo has faced the situation by offering free repairs in the for the “Joy-Con Drift” issues. As expected, after the free repair campaign announced by Nintendo first covered in the United States, coverage has expanded to Latin America and the Caribbean.

A few moments ago, and in the middle of a sea of ​​doubts about the way in which Nintendo would proceed with those markets in which there was no information about the Joy-Con free repair campaign, the Japanese company confirmed (via ResetEra) that the Repair coverage has been extended, from this moment, towards Latin American users. According to the information that has been generated so far, the way in which the controls affected by the “Joy-Con Drift” that will be repaired will be done through the intermediaries who are responsible for bringing Nintendo products to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In that sense, users affected by this problem should visit the following link and select their country to check how the repair will proceed.

In the case of Mexico, the link provided by Nintendo indicates that Switch users who have “Joy-Con Drift” problems should contact LATAMEL, a company responsible for distributing the products of the Japanese company in their nation.

As reported, the Joy-Con free repair campaign only applies to those controls that have the specific “Joy-Con Drift” problem. Likewise, and according to preliminary testimonies, this campaign will respect Nintendo’s decision to repair the controls for free, whether or not they are in warranty period.

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