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Conan Exiles will use Denuvo and BattleEye to fight pirates and cheaters

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The Community Manager of Funcon, Jens Erik Vaaler, answered to some questions of fans of Conan Exiles during a discussion with the players on reddit. Vaaler has firstly confirmed that Funcon has decided to adopt the software of Denuvo and Battle-Eye to protect its upcoming title on January 31 in Early Access on Steam.

If the now famous Denuvo will fight those who try to hack into the game, BattleEye will be adopted to limit the ‘illegal’ actions of the cheater. “Conan Exiles will launch in Early Access with Denuvo for anti-piracy protection and Battle-Eye as an anti-cheating measure. We are utilizing a widespread, industry-standard solution to combat piracy and cheating in Conan Exiles. The reason behind this is simple: to protect all the time, talent, and effort that’s going into the game,” are the words of Vaaler.

He has also confirmed that the software company is filing several aspects of the game, and he is therefore trying to improve the quality of online connection, the combat system and AI’s fatalities are confirmed within the game: “There are fatalities, but we won’t lock you into animations like in Age of Conan. When you finally kill your opponent there’s a chance of triggering a fatality, like cutting off someone’s head or limbs.”

More information about the Preview version for Xbox One will be released after January 31, the day after Conan Exiles will debut on Steam in Early Access at the price of $29.99 USD.