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Conan Exiles Guide: How and What To Cook To Survive

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In Conan Exiles, it will be essential to learn immediately the mechanics related to cooking and the management of the ingredients, given that these activities will prove indispensable to survive the many dangers that you will face.

The various recipes available within the game can only be prepared in the camps: one of these you will find at the beginning of your adventure, while to take advantage of the next you must reach level 7. Once you have unlocked a camp, you will open the next level to go hunting for ingredients, needed to turn recipes into tasty meals: there will be several scattered around the map, obtainable through the loot and various other activities.

The first edible foods with which you will come into contact will surely be insects, obtainable from plants; fortunately, however, on the supply front, the title offers much more. From the initial stages of the adventure, be sure to stock up on both larvae, which will not only fill your stomach, but also keep you well hydrated, both insect eggs. To find these two ingredients, simply look in the ground. These simple yet important foods will help you to keep the hunger bar under control, but soon you will need to resort to more nutritious alternatives, obtainable by putting yourself “in the kitchen”.

The meat will be an excellent source of food, and to get it you will be forced to hunt wildlife. Each animal in the game will give you a different amount of meat, and you can start hunting rabbits and turtles from the very first beats of the game: the larger the size of the beast, the more resources you will get after you knock it down. A good alternative could be to resort to canni*alism. To exploit this gruesome possibility, go to the Pit of Yog, where you can select Yog as your divinity: in doing so you will obtain the Yog cleaver, thanks to which you will have the faculty to obtain the precious ingredient by slaughtering your enemies.

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But be careful: this type of meat will not be edible right away, and to cook it will be necessary to go back to the Pit of Yog. After inserting it into the appropriate slot, nothing will prevent you from creating a piece of “purified” meat, that is edible, which will be able to keep your thirst at bay. After obtaining a sufficient quantity of meat, there will be nothing left but to return to a camp and put it on the fire. Obviously, to feed the flames you will need bark, dry sprigs, wood or charcoal: place these objects in the firebox slots and start cooking.