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5 Major Red Flags Indicating Your Computer Needs a Tune-Up

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Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, happens to be the second-most densely populated city in the Land Down Under. The town is known for its unique laneway culture, with many art galleries, museums, and restaurants. With the Yarra River meandering around the city, you can sense an idyllic vibe. For this reason, families and Computer companies have settled down here.

Melbourne has excellent employment opportunities. In fact, it is a well-known technology hub. If you call this place home, you won’t have any issues finding help if you encounter computer issues. In case you’re facing problems with your PC, you can easily find a shop for computer repair in Melbourne. But don’t wait for too long to go to the repair shop, or else, your PC will be completely dead before they can do anything. Here are the top red flags that indicate your computer needs a tune-up from a professional:

1. Runs Super Slow

If your computer suddenly feels like running super slow compared to its usual performance, you need professional help. Over time, computers will slow down as you run too many programs in the background. But if you have already done the initial step of restarting your computer or deleted temporary files, and yet it is still moving at a snail’s pace, then you could have a deeper issue. If this becomes a repetitive problem, you need to call a technician to find a solution.

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2. Shows Error Codes When Booting Up

If your computer boots up normally, but after some time, it keeps on splashing error codes, then you need to be concerned. The light blue screen with these codes is usually referred to as the blue screen of death. If this happens frequently, write down the codes or take a picture of it with your smartphone. Then take the details along with your PC to a trusted shop for computer repair in Melbourne.

3. Keeps on Freezing or Restarting Persistently

It is not very pleasant when your computer seems to have a mind of its own. You will definitely feel frustrated every time it freezes and doesn’t allow you to do anything. In the same token, it can be very irritating when it just suddenly decides to restart while you are typing up a storm to rush your work project and beat a deadline. When you see these warning signs, it is a clear indicator that you need to take your computer for an inspection.

4. Refuses to Run Certain Programs

If you try starting a program, but nothing happens, you try relentlessly to make it work. Supposedly it doesn’t respond after several attempts. In that case, you need to restart the computer to see if it will finally become responsive. After the rebooting process, and it still doesn’t work, you need to consider asking for professional help to figure out the problem.

5. Runs Pop-Ads That Make It Hard to See

When you browse the net, that means dealing with pop-up ads every so often. This is part and parcel of hanging out in the virtual world. However, if pop-ups flood the screen to the point when you can hardly see anything, that means you can have a virus or malware running in the background. If you have anti-virus software installed, you can try fixing it on your own. However, if you have no clue what to do, it is best to find a pro.

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