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Company expects price drop on Xbox One and PS4 Slim after Xbox One X and PS4 Pro introduction

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The industry and fans, in general, are looking forward to the arrival of Xbox One X as it will be one more chapter in the competition between 2 of the major game companies.

Once the new Microsoft console can be seen in competitive terms with PlayStation 4 Pro, not only will there be a lot of expectation to see how they will try to win the market, they could also motivate a positive environment for the sale of consoles.

Today’s headset company, Turtle Beach, whose products are available for PS4 and Xbox One, held a conference for its financial report, where the CEO, Juergen Stark, took the time to mention the upcoming releases of Xbox One X and the benefits it will bring to the console market.

According to the manager, once Xbox One X is available and actually compared with PlayStation 4 Pro, there will be a new market competition that will benefit the models of the Sony and Microsoft consoles families: “While not accounted for in our outlook explicitly, we think new hardware launches could also boost sales, particularly because they enable lower pricing of the economy models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. All-in-all, assuming good sales of marquee game titles, we see a very strong holiday season for our headset business.”

What’s your opinion about it? Will Microsoft immediately reduce the price of Xbox One and Xbox One S when the new console arrives in the market?

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