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Community management in the entertainment world

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It’s been almost 2 years since the crisis started to spread across the world, and with that the feeling of having to live with it. Many professions have been directly impacted, both positively and negatively in terms of business.

Among them, the web professions have fared rather well, without changing their methods. Hiring is still possible in many sectors that use the Internet or digital technology in the broadest sense of the term. Community management is one of them, with a field that has literally exploded in recent months; entertainment.

The two can be brought together to better position yourself, as working in community management in the entertainment industry is still fun in many ways. Entertainment has always worked very well and even more so over the last 2 years.


 Entertainment: a safe haven during the crisis

People play, entertain themselves in their own way and increasingly surf the Internet to escape from everyday life. With the breakthrough of new technologies and especially metaverse, it is likely that this will continue to grow.

Video games: these include single-player home games as well as multiplayer games and free-to-play mobile games, which also attract millions of users worldwide.

Gaming: This is increasingly popular and offers several areas where there are real ambassadors. Among them are the online pokies in New Zealand which offer a range of gambling games from the start. But there are also popular gambling games such as poker, blackjack or slot machines that work very well and arouse a lot of interest among players who like to bet.

Online betting applications: There are also more and more mobile applications for online betting, mainly in the fields of horse racing and all sports. This is also a form of entertainment where money is the focus.

Online betting applications

 on YouTube or TikTok: They offer entertainment, and any form of content that provides moments of relaxation to Internet users, and they have become well established in the home. Some of them have communities of several million subscribers and the crisis has been very favorable to their development.

Everything is a pretext to forget what we are going through, and thus offer a nice escape. If many players have been able to anticipate the rebound in entertainment, community management has been no stranger to it. It has enabled many companies and industries to make themselves known, and/or to increase their online visibility.

So to get through the crisis while making a name for itself, entertainment takes many forms and it is therefore de rigueur to take advantage of the services of a community manager to steer its brand and services on social networks.

Community management in entertainment

The purpose of community management is to generate visibility for a brand or a company through social networks. The community manager will be the pilot and will manage different communities that will be attached to the social networks.

He or she will engage users with the content posted, while proposing contests, meetings and other actions that generate engagement.