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Common Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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Car accidents happen on a daily basis on the roads. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure you are driving safely and being respectful of traffic rules and other road users. When common car accidents happen, they leave you behind expensive car repairs, the risk of increased insurance premiums, minor or severe injuries, and expensive medical bills. If the accident was caused by someone else, you could recover damages incurred from them. 

Therefore, ensure you hire the services of an experienced car accident attorney to help you recover the damages. As you practice safe driving on the road, there are some common car accidents that you might witness. You need to know how to avoid some of these common car accidents.


Rear-End Collisions

This type of collision occurs when a driver hits the vehicle in front of them with their car. This type of accident can cause whiplash, concussions, and chest injuries, among others. To avoid such an accident, you have to avoid tailgating. Keep your distance, and leave enough space between you and the next driver to give you time to react to the actions of the driver in front of you.

Single-Car Accident

A single-car accident happens when a driver loses control of the vehicle and rolls over or hits road barriers, a pedestrian, or an animal. To avoid single-car accidents, you should always drive carefully, avoid driving while intoxicated, distracted, or fatigued. If you have to drive on snowy days, make sure your winter driving skills are top-notch. You should also avoid driving too fast, since driving over the speed limit can reduce your reaction time.

Side-Impact Collisions 

Side-impact collisions are famously known as the T-bone collisions. This is where one car rams into the side of another car, causing damage and injury to the drivers and passengers. It usually happens as a result of confusion, where a driver has the right of way but the other driver didn’t let them have it. It may also happen if the driver is distracted. 

To avoid side-impact collisions, pay attention at intersections, check for stop signs and signals from other drivers. You should also check your blind spots, as it could help you avoid getting sideswiped.

Front-Impact Collisions

Front-impact collisions happen when the front end of a car hits the front end of another car. The injuries sustained from a front-impact collision can be severe and even fatal. To avoid a front-impact collision, you should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoid texting or using your phone since it can be very distracting. You need to pay full attention to the road. 

Parking Lot Accidents

These car accidents usually happen in the parking lot. One driver exiting their parking space may hit another car looking for a parking space, parked, or exiting the parking lot. To avoid a parking lot accident, always check before you pull out of your parking space. Use your rearview camera and mirrors to avoid getting hit or hitting another car in the parking lot.

Accidents at Intersections

At an intersection, a car accident can happen at any moment. One of the main causes of intersection accidents is the failure to pay attention. To avoid getting into an accident at the intersection, always pay attention to the traffic lights, any oncoming drivers, and your environment at large. 

Most drivers speed when the light is yellow. Therefore, always pay attention to what other drivers are doing when the light is yellow. You should also practice defensive driving; do not assume that the other drivers at the intersection have seen you. 

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Some accidents are unpredictable, and you cannot do anything to prevent them. However, you can always practice safe and defensive driving to ensure you and your passengers are safe. If you have suffered severe injuries in a car accident that was not your fault, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney to help you get full compensation.