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Colin Kaepernick Signs Deal With Walt Disney Under Ra Vision Media

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ESPN Films has joined the first-look deal between Colin Kaepernick’s Ra Vision Media and Walt Disney. They are making a documentary series to chronicle the journey of Colin Kaepernick right from 49ers quarterback, San Francisco to be a popular civil rights activist. According to the deal that was officially announced on July 6, Ra Vision and Disney will highlight both unscripted and scripted stories than talking about race, work, the quest for equity, and social injustice. The documentary will showcase producers and directors of color. In an official declaration, Disney mentioned that the agreement will have an extension across all its major units. It includes Walt Disney Television, The Undefeated, ESPN, Pixar, Hulu, and more. On the other hand, Kaepernick will deal closely with The Undefeated, which will later expand the portfolio across the company.

In a recorded interview, Colin Kaepernick says that he is in excitement to announce his association with Disney, which is nothing short of a historic moment. The initiative to utilize all the platforms of Disney is to lift Brown and Black directors, producers, storytellers, and creators. He also wants to inspire the young generation with authentic and compelling perspectives. Further in his statement, Kaepernick says that he wishes to share all the docuseries on this life story. Apart from this documentary series, there is an upcoming list of projects under the collaboration that will all be culturally impactful.

Collaboration between Colin Kaepernick and Walt Disney

The new series under the collaboration of Ra Vision Media and Walt Disney will come up with some of the latest interviews, and other exclusive content. The documents will also consist of information regarding some of the most recent times in the life of Kaepernick. One of the producers of this project, appointed by Kaepernick himself is Jemele Hill. He has work experience with both The Undefeated, and ESPN. On behalf of ESPN, the co-producers will be executives Kevin Merida, Libby Geist, and Connor Schell. The deal will be enough to make way for Colin Kaepernick to enter the world of entertainment and media. The board of directors of a digital medium of publishers has now involved him in the content creation department too. Earlier, the former soccer player has work experience with Kingpin Nike Inc.

The deal between Ra Vision Media and Walt Disney aims to showcase and highlight the stories of communities and people that have not received enough representation in the mainstream culture of the USA. While movie studios and TV networks have already produced several works on Latino and Black characters, this one is different. The range may stretch from FX’s Atlanta to Dear White People from Netflix. None of these projects have shown the proper amount of content. Recently, the death of George Floyd has given rise to newer conversations nationwide. The main topic is all about how one community treats another. Every industry, including the media, is responding to this discussion and aims to make a change.

Colin Kaepernick knows the issues

The ESPN President Jimmy Pietro says that Colin has made a name for himself as a human rights activist as well as a player. So, as the country is still confronting social injustice and racism, Colin’s perception of motivation and evolution are relevant. The goal of The Undefeated is to associate with Kaepernick to showcase the life and stories of unseen people. They want to communicate these with a wider audience with the help of The Walt Disney Company. The Editor-in-chief and Senior Vice President Kevin Merida say that they want to constantly focus on issues such as racial injustice that the nation is fighting against.