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Code Vein will not have an easy level of difficulty

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Code Vein, the action title by Bandai Namco, has been compared with Dark Souls since its official introduction due to the similarity of the game mechanics and graphics style that is considered by fans as a cartoon version of the title of From Software.

In addition, the difficulty section is another reason why the game is compared and in that sense, the creators revealed important information about Code Vein.

During a roundtable by Bandai Namco in Tokyo, Japan, Keita Iizuka, producer and Hiroshi Yoshimura, director of Code Vein revealed that the game will not have an easy level of difficulty. According to the creators, the idea behind equipping Code Vein with an advanced difficulty is to develop the players’ style of play, that is, as they progress through the adventure, they can become strong with their own means and find the appropriate dungeons to test their skills at the moment they want.

Also, according to the creatives, Code Vein will allow you to access the characteristics of your character to modify their characteristics and adapt them to the enemies you face.

On the other hand, the game will have an accompaniment system where the character that accompanies your adventure will have its history and motives, so it will be more than a simple companion.

Code Vein will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

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