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Code Vein Demo Update With Multiplayer Mode Available Today on PS4

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The recently announced update to the Code Vein demo will be released for the PlayStation 4 version today, September 20th.

It was known that the Code Vein demo would add new content before the release of Code Vein next week, but Bandai Namco had not yet set a date for the arrival of the new challenges. You will not have to wait too long, as it will arrive today, on Friday, September 20, according to reports.

The announcement comes directly from Bandai Namco who, however, did not disclose when the demo will arrive on Xbox One. The update seems to arrive at the moment to PS4, without a date for the update on Xbox One, so it will remain to wait during the days before the premiere.

The Trial Edition of the game has been available on PlayStation Store since September 3rd. The content offers the first area of ​​the game (a dungeon located underground) and a progression system that has several skill trees. But apparently the company wants to give fans a little more taste of the title.

As previously announced, the demo update introduces the “Town of Sacrifice” high difficulty stage, the multiplayer mode and the ability to bring the custom character from the demo to the full game.

Code Vein will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 27th.

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