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Co-Creator says the original Xbox controller was “embarrassingly huge”


Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the first Xbox, recently commented that the original controller of the console – today known as Duke – was “embarrassingly huge.” However, Microsoft did not mind and decided to launch the controller anyway.



In a series of tweets, the ex-developer confessed that the controller was not to his liking, but he could never do anything about it because of their lack of influence within the company. “They ignored focus tests,” he said. In accordance with Blackley, Microsoft hired an incompetent supplier to manufacture small electronic, and therefore had to design a large knob so that “it is possible to land a helicopter on it.”

He explained that at that time his main influence was the Dreamcast, something which had been already mentioned a few months ago – and that the Japanese were alarmed by the size of the first controller. Then he admitted that there are many people who like the large controllers, but also noted that the plastic necessary for their production “equivalent of a tank [gasoline] of premium”.

Finally, the creator said he regretted having spoken so much about the Duke, but said it was something necessary, because in his time he received “lots of sh**” for that.