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Cliffy B Says ‘The Press Can F*ck off’ Over LawBreakers Coverage

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Lawbreakers, the new title of Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions, has not had a good commercial start. Available for PS4 and PC, the number of concurrent players of the shooter is far below the expectations that could be expected, at least on the compatible platform.

The title has not sold as expected nor received a positive assessment, and when speaking about the subject, Mr. Blezinski has said something, not very much to the liking of the Games Press, in an interview to GamesIndustry.

Bleszinski’s only concern right now is to develop content for the game and keep the community active. In that sense, Bleszinski talks about the games press in the following manner: “They’re just looking for clicks, man. They’re just looking for ad revenue. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing, and they’re welcome to print whatever they want – but as far as I’m concerned, they can f*ck off. We’re going to keep making our game for our fans.”

Cliff believes that the studio should focus on getting the active players of the game to have fun. In addition, he notes that the community’s ratings on Lawbreakers are very positive: “Everyone who’s played it loves it. You look at the Steam reviews and we’re damn near 90% positive.”

However, Bleszinski admits that the shooter does not have enough players today, but insists that Boss Key is making all kinds of strategies to make the community grow: “We’re being completely transparent about updates and patches, and we’re continuing to scramble on the longer term things we have planned for the game.”

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Be that as it may, the truth is that in the studio they have work ahead to increase the base of Lawbreakers players. During the last days, the maximum peak of simultaneous players for the shooter has been placed at 95, according to data offered by SteamCharts. In the coming days, we will have to see about its evolution.

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