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Cliff Bleszinski Shares Concept Art of Cancelled Boss Key Projects

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Recently, we received the sad news that Cliff Bleszinski would close Boss Key Productions, the studio responsible for LawBreakers and Radical Heights. As in many cases, CliffyB had some concepts or projects that never saw the light and now from his Twitter account, he has started to share the games that could have arrived.

The first game concept he decided to show was the one called “Dragonflies”, in which we would be ninjas or samurai and we would be mounted on a dragon looking for and killing zombies and enemies that cross our path. We would have battles in the field and in the air thanks to our dragon, where we would team up with other players to survive, we could obtain some eggs that would allow us to raise other dragons and we could have even selected other characters.

Among other games he had in planning is the one named “Rover”, which was designed for VR, where we would have 5v5 fighting in some animal-looking robots (which remind us of Zoids). Some would be responsible for piloting the robot, others would repair it, others would go out to sabotage the enemy’s machine. It did not sound bad at all.

He also had prepared another that would have been the spiritual sequel to Toobin, but this would be with animals in Mario Kart style competitions, it was going to be called “Donuts”.

What do you think of these titles that Cliff Bleszinski had planned? Tell us in the comments below.

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