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Sniper Ghost Warrior Maker Downsize Team Due to High Competition

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City Interactive, who has given us titles like Sniper Ghost Warrior and Land Of the Fallen has fired a part of its team. The decision was based on the highly competitive industry which made the company to review its business model. CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski shared the update about downsizing the team size.

Marek said, “We now believe in a model involving smaller development teams to succeed in this highly competitive industry.” The statement was shared on the official site under News section. Through the news, the developer also announced a strategic restructuring of internal development studio which is a major change in the company’s workforce. Downsizing the team size of max 30 people CI games hinted working on upcoming, unannounced tactical shooter game.

The company has posted the forecast of the revenue for the fiscal year 2017 of 24 million Euro, confirming the year to be profitable. Marek Tyminski, CI Games chief executive officer commented, “With our own cash and the new financing from the bank of over 8 million Euro, we are well positioned for further growth.”

CI Games also announced that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has sold around 1 Million copies globally across physical and digital formats.