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Chroma Squad available now on PS4 and Xbox One

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The distributor Bandai Namco and the developer Behold Studios today released the tactical RPG game inspired by Power Rangers and now available on consoles called Chroma Squad. The title came on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Bandai Namco has announced the availability of the console version of Chroma Squad, a curious role-playing game clearly inspired by the famous Power Rangers game, which arrived today at One and PS4 after passing through PC. To celebrate the launch, a new trailer has been distributed – which spoofs the television genre perfectly.

Chroma Squad first arrived on PC in April 2015, where it acquired a fan base and very good reviews from the community on Steam.
The game was developed by Behold Studios and started by the Kickstarter which is currently distributed by Bandai Namco.

Indeed, the action scenes of your show are represented by turn-based battles and success will boost its popularity. During the fighting, you will also have the possibility to control a giant mecha by making it fight against gigantic monsters.

In Chroma Squad players take control of 5 action actors who decide to give up their works to create their own TV series of the Power Rangers. The game is available in the digital stores of the consoles of Microsoft and Sony at a price of $14.99 USD.

Do not miss below the launch trailer for this title that at some point was also coming to PlayStation Vita, but whose version was canceled.