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Chinese video game market will continue to grow, according to a report

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The Chinese video game market will continue to grow during 2017, confirming its worldwide supremacy. Only in 2016, in fact, China accounted for 25% of the global video game market.

The market for the video game is a thriving industry. And for this reason, the analysts of IHS Insight Markit are well aware of this situation, and thus have compiled a report about the regional markets.

With sales of 25.6 billion dollars recorded in 2016, the Chinese market could improve this result reaching 29 billion in 2017, at least according to forecasts. As it was reported earlier, China remains the largest market for PC (with 13.1 million dollars invoiced in 2016) and Mobile (12.4 billion), a reality where the console is struggling to find space.

With sales of Overwatch declining, however, during 2017 it is expected to decline for PC sales, in favor of a net growth of the mobile sector (which according to analysts will increase by 24%).

According to the considerations of the report, Honor of Kings (the popular MOBA of Tencent) will be the game that will give the decisive push to the Chinese mobile industry.

With a market based almost exclusively on qualifications of PC and Mobile (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have not had great success, reaching less than half a million units sold each to date) and more specifically on microtransactions into play on titles such as League of Legends, China is therefore, according to IHS Insight Markit, is the nation that will grow more in the video game industry over the next few years.