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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3: Episode 2: Review

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The second episode of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 is titled ” Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell”.

Sabrina comes to visit Nick who’s bound in Damascus steel and circled in salt. Dark Lord who’s imprisoned inside Nick’s body haunts him. Sabrina says to Nick (the real one) that she’s gonna get the dark lord out of him.  Nick pleads to Sabrina that he can’t handle this anymore, please do something.  Sabrina unknowingly breaks the circle of salt while stepping out.

On the other hand, Zelda tries to fulfill the responsibilities of the academy as the headmistress. Zelda asks Hilda to assist her in teaching students and handling the whole thing at the academy.

Sabrina looks for some grimoires on the subject of soul transference in the library.  So that she can transfer the soul of the dark lord from Nick’s body to another prison.

Sabrina becomes a part of the cheerleading team and enjoys with rose. Meanwhile, Lilith comes to train Sabrin as the queen of hell. Lilith tells Sabrina that she has to drag the sinner souls to hell as it is devil’s duty. Moreover, she tells her that kings of hell and Caliban are watching you and if you fail then they will declare war on this realm (earth).

Sabrina has to escort the souls by her hand which seems to be awful.

Ambrose and Prudence keep looking for Blackwood.

The dark lord hears Zelda and the rest of the coven praying to Lilith instead of him. He becomes furious to know that all of them have abandoned him. He says that they dare abandon me and sends creepy insects to remind them who their god is.

Sabrina reaches the man who is to be condemned but instead of dragging his soul to hell, let him go to heaven as she realizes that he doesn’t deserve to burn in hell.
This change of plan makes the kings of hell furious and they mark this mercy of Sabrina as her failure.

Anyhow, Lilith tells them that Sabrina has another chance. She will prove herself worthy of the throne by dragging the other sinner soul to hell herself.

Sabrina comes to her friends, Harvey, Rose, and Theo and tells them she has a plan to free Nick. She plans to condemn the next soul and uses the dead body as a new prison for the dark lord.

Sabrina comes to Jimmy Platt (the next sinner soul) and tells him that his time is out. Anyhow, the plan doesn’t work out as Jimmy turns out to be a creepy player. He tells Sabrina that years ago he made a deal with the dark lord to get a life extension in exchange for an innocent soul. Now, he wants more extension as he’s gonna sacrifice another innocent soul. He tells her that if she drags him to hell, she will never find out where the little girl has been tied up.

Sabrina freaks out and instead of escorting Jimmy, decides to find the little girl, firstly.

Sabrina confronts his father, the dark lord and asks him about the creepiest deal that he made with Jimmy.
Finally, Ambrose and Prudence’s search ends as they succeed in finding Father Blackwood. They see Blackwood casting some spells and summoning someone out of the water. He summons the deep one and offers him the blood of a witch and a warlock in exchange for an egg that’s certainly capable of unexpected annihilation. Prudence and Ambrose stop him from sacrificing the teenaged witch and warlock who turns out to be Judas and Judith, the twin children of Blackwood. They find out that Blackwood traveled in time (15 years back to the future) and is up to bring something horrible. Ambrose stops Prudence from killing Blackwood as they need to know what was going to do with this egg.

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