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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3: Episode 1: Written Update

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3: Episode 1 is entitled as  “Chapter Twenty-One: The Hellbound Heart”. Let’s have a review of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 (Episode 1).

Continuing the chain of events from the last episode “Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz” of the second part, the first episode of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina starts with Chapter Twenty-One of this series.


Sabrina’s Nightmares

The episode starts with Sabrina trying to find Nick in the hell. On finding Nick, Sabrina frees him from the possession of Hell but right there, the Dark Lord enters. Sabrina and Nick rush towards the door to get outside of the hell and succeeded but all of sudden Sabrina realizes that it isn’t Nick, in fact, it is her father Lucifer. Right at that moment, it turns out to be Sabrina’s nightmare as she opens up her eyes while laying on her bed.

Reopening of Academy of Unseen Arts

Then she came downstairs where Aunt Hilda serves breakfast to her and the rest of the survived witches and warlocks of the coven (Academy of the Unseen Arts). Aunt Zelda announced the reopening of the Academy and ask the witches and warlocks to pack their stuff and reach the academy. Meanwhile, disheartened Sabrina (as Nick’s in the hell) goes inside the mines to open the gates of hell. Harvey accompanies her but asks her to leave and try some other time. Harvey said Sabrina that Nick betrayed you and you still trying to protect him, You Are Amazing!. Meanwhile, Sabrina notices an Icecream when and says isn’t it an early season for the icecream. (the suspicion reveals on the latter)

Ms. Warwell’s Return

Rose, Harvey, and Theo tried to distract Sabrina from this Nick and hell thing. Rose asks her to be a part of the cheerleading team. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell comes back as a teacher at Baxter High. Sabrina finds out that Ms. Wardwell is suffering (Clearly Madam Satan sent Ms. Wardwell to hell and replaced her). Ms. Wardwell unknowingly shows Sabrina a way to enter hell. On the other side, Zelda and Hilda prepare themselves for the meeting with the council.

Painting Portal to Enter Hell

Sabrina goes to meet Dorian Gray and asks him if he has any painting of hell like a portal to enter the hell. On one condition, he agrees to help Sabrina in entering hell: she has to bring him a flower that grows in hell. Sabrin promises him to bring that flower from the forest of the torment (a torturing place in the hell where later, Harvey and Theo meet their lost loved ones).

Pray to Dark Lord or Lilith?

At the academy, Zelda and Hilda with the students pray to the dark lord. Hilda asks Zelda why don’t we tell students the truth about the dark lord and pray to Lilith now? (that dark lord betrayed is imprisoned, and now, Lilith is the mother of the night & the new queen of hell). Zelda refuses to do so.

Hello, Hell!

Sabrina uses the painting portal to enter hell with Harvey, Theo, and Rose to rescue Nick. All of them enter the portal and wakes up near a beach (the shores of sorrow) that’s full of tortured mortals. There they meet a guy (something’s suspicious about him). He tells Sabrina that by following the blood flow she can reach the Pandemonium where Lilith resides. He tells her to “follow the blood-red road where it flows, and there you’ll find the throne of hell”. Moreover, he warns them not to get away from the path (blood-red road).

Ambrose and Prudence to Capture Father Blackwood

Scene shifts to Ambrose and Prudence who are on their way to find and kill Father Blackwood. Anyhow, they fail to do so.  Prudence and Ambrose decide to visit someone who knows another kind of witchcraft so that they can capture blackwood. Then they visit Mambo, priestess of High Haiti and seeks her help to find out the whereabouts of Father Blackwood.

Uncle Jesse in Hell

Back to hell, Theo finds her uncle Jesse (being tortured in the hell) who reveals that Lilith sent him here.

Harvey’s Brother, The Woodsman

Lilith, the madam satan finds out that Sabrina with her friends is in hell. She thinks that Sabrina has invaded her place and now its time to teach her a lesson.  Harvey, Rose, and Theo while walking through the forest of torment succeeded in getting the flower. Unluckily, Harvey encounters his dead brother, Tomy (who’s now the woodsman).  Woodsman tries to kill Harvey but Sabrina shoots him to death.

Hilda As FatherBlack Wood

On the other hand, Hilda takes the avatar of Father Blackwood to attend the meeting with the council.   Zelda and Hilda (as Blackwood) meet with the council where the rest of the council members questions about Blackwood’s absence and share that they are suffering a slight loss of potency (witches and warlocks seem to suffer illness). There Zelda and Hilda find out that the council members are lying about their communication to the dark lord.

Torture at Baxter High

Lilith finds out that they escaped the woodsman and sets up another trap for them. She then says “it’s time someone teaches these brats a lesson”.

Harvey regrets his decision of coming to hell as he fails to overcome the effect of his dead brother’s return and murderous attack.  All of them find a door with the carved name of Baxter High. Behind the door, they find Principle Hawthorne who tried to torture them with Rose’s dead Grandmother.

Praise Lilith!

Zelda and Hilda with the rest of the coven members, the students praise Lilith and prays to her. Lilith hears there prayers and feels contented.

Inferno Court

On finding that the three kings of Hell are coming to visit Lilith as they have raised questions over her right on the throne, she decides to use Sabrina against them.

Sabrina with her friends confronts Lilith where they see chained Nick. Inside Nick’s mind, Nick and Lucifer, the dark lord battels with each other.

Lilith asks Sabrina and her friends to sit and eat. There she asks Sabrina to crown her in front of the three kings as she’s the blood of Morningstar and has the right to give the throne to Lilith. In return, Sabrina can bring Nick back to the Earth.

The meeting starts where the demons, the kings of the hell refuse to recognize Lilith’s authority over the throne. There the guy whom Sabrina met at the shores of the sorrow enters as the Prince of Hell, Caliban. Caliban claims for the throne and the rest of the demons and kings defends Caliban as he deserves to rule over hell.

Sabrina Morningstar, The Queen of Hell

Meanwhile, Lucifer connects with Sabrina and asks her to claim the throne, embrace her destiny,  or else she’ll fail to bring Nick back and also Caliban will destroy everything. Nick comes there (well, all this is happening inside Nick’s mind), both of them kisses each other and he stops her from embracing the queenship of hell.

Sabrina after analyzing the whole scenario announces that she’s the queen of hell as she is the daughter of the dark lord, Sabrina Lucifer Morningstar. So, no one can claim for the throne when she’s there. Anyhow, the rest of the members opposes this and says that she’s half-mortal, she is a teenager and can’t fulfill all of the responsibilities. There Sabrina declares Lilith as her regent and promises to fulfill her duties. Caliban tries to challenge her but Lilith says he needs the signatures from the higher authorities to challenge Sabrina. Sabrina doesn’t listen to any of them and dismissed the court as a Queen of Hell.

Nick Back to Home

As they all go, Sabrina handovers the throne to Lilith, and brings Nick back to the home. She hides Nick (still dark lord is inside him) inside the dungeons at the academy. She makes a circle around him so that he won’t flee.

Something Bad is Yet to Come!

The first episode of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 ends with Sabrina saying that she won’t go back to hell as a queen. She did it all to bring Nick back. There’s something suspicious keep on happening which she fails to notice: weird kinda wind howling like something bad is yet to come.

Stay tuned to know about the rest of the episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3!