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Children of Morta for Nintendo Switch Gets Delayed

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Are you excited to play Children of Morta on your Nintendo Switch? If you answered yes, we have some bad news. 11 bit Studios announced that it made the decision to delay this version of its acclaimed indie.

Through a statement, 11 bit Studios revealed that the Nintendo Switch version of Children of Morta will now release on November 20, 2019. This means that it will be delayed more than a month, since its original release date was 15 October. It is worth mentioning that this will only affect the version for the hybrid console of Nintendo, so Children of Morta will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 15.

In a letter addressed to fans, the developer was dissatisfied with having to delay his game; However, it is considered necessary to deliver a quality product to its fans. Thus, they will devote the next few weeks to polish some errors present in this version of Children of Morta.

“Spending 5 years creating a game is exhausting. Spending 5 years creating a game and then having to delay it — that’s just brutal — but when you’re aiming for excellence and you know it’s within your grasp, you just do it. And that is exactly the case with Children of Morta for Nintendo Switch for us. Quality over anything else. The community of gamers may forgive us the delay but they won’t forgive us a game that is not working perfectly. As delivering the best performance is our highest priority, we are simply delaying the game to November the 20th. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases are going as planned on the 15th of October,” the studio confirmed.

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In case you don’t know, Children of Morta is an action RPG with rogue-lite elements that has been available on PC for some time. The interesting thing about this game is that it does not focus on a single character, but on a whole family of heroes who can strengthen their bond by fighting together.

You can know more about Children of Morta if you check its launch trailer below:

And what about you, will you play Children of Morta when it releases on consoles? What is the version that interests you? Tell us in the comments below.