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Check out the Summary of Bethesda’s E3 2016 Showdown

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Here is a summary of Bethesda’s E3 Showdown –

Dishonored 2:

In the worldwide premiere of gameplay, Dishonored 2 showed off its new setting, new hero, and new mission design. Along with the breathtaking beauty of Karnaca, Arkane Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith revealed new insights into Emily Kaldwin (both her character and her unique powers) along with detailed walkthroughs of the game’s themed missions – including a long look at The Dust District and a sneak peek at A Crack in the Slab.

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DOOM official add-on content:

Hot on the heels of its critically acclaimed release, DOOM is back with even more ways to create, play and take on demons from Hell. For starters, DOOM will have a free demo of the first full level of the game – but it’s only available for a limited time! Also, along with a bevy of free updates to SnapMap and Multiplayer, Executive Producer Marty Stratton unveiled the first premium DLC pack, releasing next month.

Fallout 4 official add-on content:

Bethesda Game Studios revealed three more add-ons, with the first available next week. Get the full scoop on Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and the game’s final add-on, Nuka-World.

Fallout Shelter:

More than 50 million people have downloaded Fallout Shelter since it debuted at last year’s BE3 Showcase. But Bethesda Game Studios has much more in store for the free game. Update 1.6 will introduce Quests to Fallout Shelter, with an all-new combat system, new characters, enemies, and locations to explore. Plus, the surprise announcement that Fallout Shelter is coming to PC.


Arkane Studios – renowned for their immersive first-person action games, including Dishonored – brings their unique vision to Prey, reimagining the franchise from the ground up. Watch the announce trailer and get more details on Prey’s story and world.

Skyrim Special Edition:

One of the most beloved games of the last generation, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning remastered detail, with all the official add-ons included. Skyrim Special Edition will release on October 28, 2016, and will support full PC Mods on console.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends:

Along with strategic card-based gameplay, The Elder Scrolls: Legends also has a deep story-driven campaign. Find out more about how you can change the past, present and future of Tamriel in the new campaign trailer. Plus, get an update on supported systems – including newly announced support for Mac, tablets and mobile.

The Elder Scrolls Online:

It’s been a busy two years since The Elder Scrolls Online has launched. With more than 7 million players since its debut, ESO has seen numerous updates and DLC packs. The latest – Dark Brotherhood – releases on console this week. But the biggest news might be One Tamriel, an innovative update that allows players to go anywhere and group with anyone, regardless of their level.

Quake Champions:

Kicking off the BE3 Showcase, Quake Champions was revealed to the world with a pulse-pounding cinematic trailer. This arena-style multiplayer shooter captures the essence of Quake, while bringing it to a new generation of players who might be experiencing the groundbreaking franchise for the first time. The competitive shooter is built for eSports, and will be blazingly fast on PC, running at 120hz with unlocked framerates.

Additionally, check out official Bethesda website for details on all of the Showcase announcements and highlights!