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Cemu Wii U Emulator can now play games in 4K resolution on PC

The latest version of Cemu, a popular Wii U emulator for PC, already has a feature that many users were expecting, we refer to the option of customizable graphics that will be available in version 1.7.0 exclusive to users of Patreon, which allows players to set resolutions up to 4K.

According to the team behind Cemu, they spent a long time solving problems to obtain games that could render at resolutions higher than those supported by Wii U. Recall that the console is capable of scaling games at 1080p, while other titles already have this resolution natively.

“Increasing the resolution can only be done by patching the game code, or by implementing game-specific hacks into the emulator,” said Exzap, developer behind Cemu, who last year talked about how difficult it was to carry high resolutions to Wii U titles.

Thus, the team managed to overcome all the problems and a graphic package is now available that works as individual mods for the games. With these options, users can adjust anti-aliasing of titles, enhance shadows and change resolutions. The results are promising, as you can immediately notice in the gameplays of Bayonetta 2 and Super Mario 3D World shown at the end of this article.

For now, only those who support Cemu in Patreon have access to these graphics packages, while the public release is scheduled for January 16.

By the way, the event that most fans are waiting for Nintendo is the revelation of Nintendo Switch, console that will be presented on January 12, the date on which we will know the characteristics of the hardware, launch titles, date and price of its debut.

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