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Celestial Wedding Patch download available on August 18 2015

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Celestial Wedding  has received a new patch that brings up certain enhancements in this game. The update is going to appear in the month of August 18, 2015. This patch offers major changes with some new things like Four Skins in the game. You can read the full patch logs below that explains what all new things and changes the patch is going to add in Celestial Wedding.

Celestial Wedding Image
Celestial Wedding Image

Checkout Celestial Wedding Patch Notes from here and below:

New Voice Packs

  • Sun’s Bride Chang’e
  • Moon’s Groom Hou Yi
  • Daimyodin Odin
  • Infiltrator Loki

Training Map

  • In the first step towards improving our new player experience within SMITE, we are introducing a Training Map. The Training Map will take players through a series of single player matches intended to ease a new player into the game. These training matches are currently existing modes within the game already. They are Joust 3v3 Practice,  Arena Tutorial &  Arena Practice
  • These modes may change over time as we continue to tweak and improve the new player experience.
  • The matches on the Training Map will give players a bonus of Favor and XP upon completion.

Jungle Practice – Updated

  • We have updated the Jungle Practice map, adding some requested features as well as making sure everything is up to date.
  • Updated visuals and Jungle Camps
  • Added the ability to reset back to Level 1
  • Added Invincible Odin Target Dummies
  • Items are now purchasable/sellable everywhere on the map


  • Wisdom Tab and God Builder have had visual updates. Still a work in progress.
  • Spectator – Fixed Siege Juggernaut Health bar not showing the correct time.
  • Draft Pick – Fixed UI incorrectly stating Player 5 is picking.
  • Added gradient to Recall bar making it easier to see.
  • Fixed incorrectly stating ‘next promotion’ at end of match lobby for Master ranked players.
  • Arena Damage icons updated.
  • Updated Feature Panel buttons on landing page (Rewards, Season Ticket, Event).
  • Accolade art can now be seen in larger resolution when mousing over.