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Celebrate National Nachos Day with these fun marketing ideas

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It’s nacho ordinary day! Because it is time to celebrate National Nachos Day in your restaurant and diner. 

The ideal toppings for nachos are cheese-topped tortilla chips, beans, tomatoes, guacamole, and other fresh ingredients.

Make a fun-filled event in your business to honor the delicious nacho flavors. In preparation for National Nachos Day, try out these marketing strategies or develop some original ones!

Tips for celebrating the holiday

Celebrating National Nachos Day can be loads of fun events and a festival of flavors. You can cater to many customers during this holiday using a QR code menu software.

The QR code menu software allows you to deliver a fast and quick ordering process using its distinct features. It enables you to offer contactless and cashless transactions for a comfortable dining experience.

Here are some tips to celebrate National Nachos Day.

1.Offer a DIY nacho recipe

The most obvious way to celebrate National Nachos Day is to serve nachos in your restaurant. Make it exciting by allowing your customers to do their nacho recipes using your digital menu software’s interactive menu QR code feature. 

With the interactive menu QR code, you can curate a DIY category where you can set the menu item, modifier, and add-ons of your nacho recipe.

For instance, you can set up a DIY Nacho menu item on your interactive menu and online ordering page. Add modifiers like nacho dressings, type of nacho chips, cheese, and sides. To make up a nacho, you can also set other add-on ingredients like guacamole, tomatoes, jalapenos, beans, and other necessary elements.

A DIY Nacho recipe will help you invite more customers to your restaurant. This will test out the creativity and flavorful tastes of your target patrons.

2.Host a movie night

What’s National Nacho Day without the iconic Nacho Libre movie, right? Host a movie night in your restaurant and invite your customers to join the dinner party with loads of nacho platters. 

Except for the name of the lead character, played by Jack Black, Nacho Libre has nothing to do with genuine nachos. The film’s subject is a Catholic monk who loves lucha libre and secretly works as a freestyle wrestler.

Nacho Libre is a great movie to watch on National Nacho Day, even though it has little to do with the authentic cuisine of nachos.

Invite your customers and their friends to join the movie night in your restaurant by posting through your social media accounts. Offer freebies and other amenities to make their night out a special one.

3.Throw a Mexican party

How about throwing a Mexican party in your restaurant and offering unlimited nachos as part of the celebration? Take this opportunity to host a big part event in your restaurant and invite customers from different areas to join the fun.

Post an invitation on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok to catch the attention of your target clientele. Invite your guests to dress up in their Mexican sombreros, serapes, or costumes. Decorate your restaurant with pinatas, Mexican decors, and colorful flags to indulge the Mexican spirit. 

Make sure your customers can browse your other meals and beverages in your interactive menu QR code and cater to their cravings. Set up a Mexican cuisine menu for the day and be in the south-of-the-border spirit.

4.Have a nacho contest

Host a cookoff in your restaurant to make the most delicious nachos in your neighborhood. Make this an annual tradition so that customers will remember the fun-filled event in your restaurant. 

Set up this annual nacho cookoff to enjoy different nachos recipes from your local house chefs.

Invite culinary chefs or your local chefs to be the judge of the event. Let your neighborhood spread the word and tag your restaurant on their social media accounts with the hashtag #NachoOrdinaryCookoffChallenge. 

Final thoughts

Use National Nachos Day as an opportunity to provide your consumers with the best services possible by using a QR code menu program while everyone is enjoying the tasty event.

Always check to see if each diner is comfortable despite the frantic flow of guests in your restaurant.