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How to Celebrate a Birthday in times of pandemic

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Many cities are going in lockdown again to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Quite a bummer if you were hoping to celebrate your birthday with some friends or family! Luckily, there are some things you can do to celebrate your birthday during this weird time. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to Celebrate a Birthday in pandemic.


Old-school kitchen party

When you were a kid, parties with your family in the kitchen were the best thing ever. You can recreate this feeling with the people you live with, whether it’s your partner, your family, friends or roommates. Get the board games out and decorate the kitchen with party decorations (Dutch: feestversiering) and balloons (Dutch: ballonnen). You can make the games a bit more exciting by for instance placing some tiny bets – e.g. whoever loses at UNO, has to do the dishes for a week. Put on some fun music and enjoy some fun time with your ‘bubble’ of friends or family. 

Celebrate online with gaming buddies

If you love gaming, there’s tons of things you can do to make your birthday extra special. Do you have a crew of friends – whether real friends or online friends – you regularly play with? Then you can ask them to do something fun for your birthday. Maybe they can make their avatars sing or they can build you a birthday castle! 

Virtual activities

We know a virtual course can’t replace a real activity with your friends, but to be honest: some come close! Because we’ve been in this pandemic for quite some time now, many companies have started focusing on online activities and some are truly awesome. You can for instance have a virtual wine tasting with an expert, where you get multiple wines delivered to your doorstep. After the wine tasting, you and your friends can enjoy the wines you tasted. 

Pre-corona escape games were also super popular – everyone loves beating the clock! Because many of these games already used a lot of technology, they’re now also offered online. If you like a good afternoon of fun, you can invite your best friends and split up in teams that can battle it out. Which team will escape first? 

We know this has been such a weird period of time, but we hope you can enjoy your quarantine birthday nevertheless!