CD Projekt RED says Nintendo NX will be fantastic

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One of the directors of communications on CD Projekt RED, Fabian Mario Döehla, recently commented through a medium that Nintendo NX will be spectacular. In the interview, the manager said that “as developer [CD Projekt] you get access to the hardware and everybody [at CD Projekt] is looking forward.”

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The new console from Nintendo, known only by the codename NX, remains shrouded in great mystery. At the moment, apart from Nintendo, only some studios have it in their possession the production kits, and so have an idea of what the machine is capable of.

The communication director of CD Projekt Red, Fabian Mario Döehla when asked by Rocket Beans TV about what we can expect from the console, said categorically: “It will be spectacular.”

The comments of Döehla let us consider whether the Polish studio plans to launch its latest hit, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which was the best 2015 game of the year, on the new Nintendo console.

Döehla even made a comparison with the Wii U between the Japanese and European developers “in Japan… they thought Wii was very good. The Europeans took a little longer… but with NX what you hear [of the developers] about NX is all very positive.”

When the interviewer made a comparison between the power that NX will have and the new console announced for Xbox, Project Scorpio, the director of CD Projekt RED noted that for Nintendo the power will not be one of the most important points.

“I think this will never again be the main emphasis in the future [for Nintendo]. Can [the NX] be better than the new Xbox? Take a realistic point of view: is Nintendo able to build a console that has got more power than Xbox,” said Döehla.

The head of the studio raises more questions than answers, but their certainty in relation to the potential NX left us even more curious. In this case, although the NX will certainly not have a cutting edge of hardware as the new Xbox “Scorpio”, the machine will be still “spectacular.”