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CD Projekt RED Confirmed At E3 2018, Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Could Be Revealed

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The promotional campaign that will lead to the publication of Cyberpunk 2077 could start during a key event for the gaming industry, as CD Projekt RED has confirmed its presence at E3 2018.

According to reports, the name of the software house, CD Projekt RED, is present among the companies that will participate at E3 2018 and the confirmation comes from the same official website of the event.

CD Projekt RED At E3 2018

Considering some rumors concerning the new project of the developers of The Witcher, the curiosity of the players can only be sky-high. According to these rumors, Cyberpunk 2077 would already be playable and a demo would be sent to Sony offices. Putting together all the pieces one can not help but think about a presentation with great enthusiasm during E3 2018.

It would be the perfect opportunity to show a full-bodied video gameplay and why not reveal a more precise launch window since for now, we have to settle for a generic June 2019 release date of the game.

Obviously, nothing has been revealed about what will be presented, but since GWENT you know almost everything, it is likely that finally, we will see something about the highly anticipated game that has been discussed for years now. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say if we will see the gameplay or some presentation in computer graphics.

To find out everything, we just have to wait for the E3 2018 in Los Angeles, which we remind you will take place from 12 to 14 June.

Do you think that the E3 2018 is the right opportunity to get a close look at the new Cyberpunk 2077 material and maybe a demo and a real gameplay video? Tell us in the comments below.