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Catherine: Full Body Confirmed To Release in The West, Nintendo Switch Version Hinted

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A few moments ago we presented the first trailer of Catherine: Full Body. As you will remember, the launch of the title was scheduled only for Japan, where it will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Fortunately, Atlus confirmed a few minutes ago that the game will arrive in the West.

The company opened a teaser site, where it states that this installment will debut in America and Europe. The bad news is that the page does not give more details about it. For its part, Atlus has not shared information about the release date of Catherine: Full Body in the western region.

As for the platforms, we still do not know if it will reach both Sony consoles or only PlayStation 4. PS Vita still has great popularity in Japan, so it is normal to know that this title will also reach the portable console. However, the same is not true in America, where releases are usually made on the desktop console.

There are those who estimate that upon its arrival in the West, the game could debut on other platforms. A report from Siliconera points out its possible arrival to Nintendo Switch. According to the media, ATLUS recently sent an email with information about Catherine: Full Body. On the back of the message, there is data about Nintendo and its console.

It is thought that it could be a mistake of the company; however, there is no information about Switch in other emails, such as the one with details about Dragon’s Crown Pro. At the moment there is nothing confirmed, so this should be considered as a rumor.

So, we just have to wait for Atlus to confirm platforms and release date for Catherine: Full Body in the West. The title will debut in Japan in the winter of 2018.

What platforms do you think this title will arrive? What do you expect from this new version of the title? Let us know in the comments below.