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Catherine: Full Body DLC ‘Additional Playable Character Set’ Releasing February 14th

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The long-awaited special announcement of Catherine Full Body was revealed in advance by Famitsu: the well-known magazine confirmed the arrival of the “Additional Playable Character Set” DLC, available in Japan from the day the game was launched.

The Additional Playable Character Set package will be available for purchase from February 14 at a price of 200 yen and will include additional characters from Catherine, Katherine McBride, Qatherine (Rin), Orlando Haddick, Jonathan Ariga (Johnny), Tobias Nebbins (Toby), Erica Anderson and Boss, usable in Babel and Colosseum modes.

In Babel mode, players must help each other and climb block towers while in Colosseum mode they must compete to see who will reach the top or survive longer in matches of up to three rounds.

Recall that Catherine Full Body will be released in Japan on February 14 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, the game will arrive in the West in 2019 but the launch date for Europe and North America has not yet been revealed, also target platforms may change, with adding PC and Nintendo Switch instead of PlayStation Vita.

Catherine: Full Body will be a remarkable, significantly expanded version of the 2011, amazingly bizarre and endlessly fun puzzle game. At that time, Catherine was a full-featured Persona 5 engine tech demo, which was then surprisingly great. Now it returns to a second round.