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Castlevania: Dracula X for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Released

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Attention fans of Castlevania, we inform you that Nintendo has a surprise for you, for a few days to finish the year, it decided to launch Castlevania: Dracula X on the Virtual Console of new Nintendo 3DS.

Castlevania: Dracula X is a remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood which was released for the SNES in 1995. Now, thousands of years later (okay, only 21 years later), you can play it on your new Nintendo 3DS.

Remember that the game also featured a version for PlayStation Portable under the name of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, this in 2007.

So, you can run to the new Nintendo 3DS eShop and get Castlevania: Dracula X for $7.99 USD.

But that’s not all, because you can also download a classic of classics, we mean Mario Kart 64, which debuted this week for the Wii U Virtual Console. In addition, in recent months games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Mario Party 2, and Wario Land: Shake It!, among others also came.

Mario Kart 64 and Castlevania: Dracula X is the only thing that stands out this week in the Wii U and N3DS eShop, being their only releases.

It should be noted that the list above shared only includes the titles that from my point of view are worth it. That’s why you will not find games that are often priced low and are used as a “hook” to catch the attention of the unwary. Unfortunately the eShop has gradually filled with poor-quality titles. Hopefully, with the Nintendo Switch we expect the same does not happen.

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