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Cases of Covid in Olympics Increase as Third Participant Test Positive

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Cases of Covid in Olympics seem to rise after one more person (after two others) test positive at Japan airport. Total three cases took place in Japan since the Olympics game preparation started.

Olympic authorities face challenges in applying and maintain stern protocols to prevent contamination.  The Tokyo Olympics began with concerns of COVID spread.

A 30 years old male rower has tested positive after arriving at the Haneda Airport of Tokyo. Takashi Ikeda, topmost in charge, told Reuters about the new case.

The Olympic authority immediately took the athletes to medical treatment. Another four members were sent to an unrelated area so they can take the training in Nanto.

Increasing cases of Covid in Olympics

Covid test is a must for all the athletes arriving in Japan before departure. Although they did not imply mandatory vaccination.

Additionally, Olympics authority stated that they anticipate above 80 percent of Olympians to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Olympians are bound to stick to an invocation of health agreements, namely restricted connection with small defined groups.

Despite all the precautions, coronavirus can spread easily because a huge flock is coming from worldwide.

As per Reuters, Japan is facing issues with a low inoculation rate. Tokyo has confirmed 716 fresh coronavirus cases in five weeks, which is the highest increase.

Last month two of Uganda’s Olympic players tested positive after landing in Japan. They took Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine.

Uganda has been fighting against outbreaks for a long time. Due to the lack of adequate hospital facilities, the contamination rate is very high. Uganda suffers from a low vaccination rate and also limited hospital facilities.

Japan emperor shows concern over pandemic

At the end of June, Japan’s monarch Naruhito proceeded with an odd statement confronting the proclamation of the Japanese directorate and international Olympics authority.

Yasuhiko Nishimura, the topmost of the committee, told the Kyodo media that Naruhito’s dominion is extremely anxious about recent contamination.

Naruhito worries because of the anxiety among people, and this Olympics stimulates the spread of the virus – Nishimura stated.

As per Reuter, almost 38 percent of people in Siberia have taken the 1st dose of the vaccine. The Balkan state presents doses created by Russia’s Sputnik V, China’s Sinopharms, Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford AstraZeneca. Initially, it wasn’t clear that athletes had taken which vaccine.

Olympics arrangers declared that the game would start as scheduled on 23rd July, notwithstanding the harsh situation.

Olympics did not allow international spectators this time. Also, a low number of national spectators have permission.

Only 10000  supporters or approx 50 percent of the accommodation, whichever is low works for them.  This figure does not include VIPs and authority.

Japanese directorate will implement stricter protocols if the contamination rates continuously increase.