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Cartoon Network Shows of the 90s That Defined Our Childhood Days

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Cartoon Network is a name that reminds us of our childhood, the happiest time of our lives. The shows on this channel have always been packed with action and funny scenes. Notably, the Cartoon Network shows of the 90s were the best, and both adults and kids loved those. Through this article, we will take you down the memory lane. All the old cartoon shows will remind you of those carefree days when life was simple and colorful. Don’t you still wish these were back on TV? What else could be better to brighten up an ordinary day!


The Best Cartoon Network shows of the 90s

It is now time to check out the list of Cartoon network classics that will remind you of your childhood days!


Even today, Pokemon, a cartoon network shows of the 90s, is still the favorite of every child. There are Pokemon stickers that you get in the market. They come in various shapes and forms but many fans love the Pokemon holographic stickers because of their unique designs. Many have a hobby of collecting those stickers to show their love for this cartoon character.

The animated show was conceived in 1977, and the creator of this massive hit show is Takeshi Shudo. The idea was lifted from the game series. The Pokemon is all about a boy whose name is Ash, who always dreamt of being the best and pro Pokemon trainer. He will start the journey and wins all the Pokemon tournaments.

In this marvelous journey, he meets two endearing friends, Ash and Misty. They are also part of the Ash journey, wherein he defeats all the Pokemon tournaments and clinches the Pokemons. There are around 150 Pokemons that this guy collects.

The first Pokemon collected by the boy is Pikachu, an electric mouse that shows its tantrums to get into the Pokeball. The witty episodes would glue people to their seats.

The first season of the show had 82 episodes. The dim witty partner, talking Pokemon cat, and Jesse make the show enjoyable. The adventure and animations take this show to the next level, even in cartoon network show 2010.

The intriguing parts are the obsession of Brock with Jenny and Joy. The lethargic Charizard would not show interest in fighting with Ash. The crooning of Jiggly Puff when everyone else is sleeping. Each episode will flash in front of the eyes of its diehard fans.

Even today, the show is airing its 16th season successfully. It is the classic cartoon network shows of the 90s. Even in cartoon network shows 2019, it has climbed the top position.

Cartoon Network Shows of the 90s That Defined Our Childhood Days

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The cartoons are still the favorites of every kid.

They are the favorite past time of every kid. It is one of the oldest cartoon shows that are cheerful and exciting. The terrifying monsters would make kids feel like they have come from some horror movies. Though it is a little scary, it is the most favorite cartoon network shows of the 90s. The seed for this show was shown in 1990 by John Dilworth.

The animated show is all about the walking pink dog that likes in a small wooden hut that is surrounded by a cesspool. It leaves with two owners; one is the older woman whose name is Muriel with her husband. The husband of the lady wears the hat and stylish glasses and showcases the courage to the world.

Every episode is exciting and makes the audience to bite their nails watching it. In every episode, some adventurous things happen, such as some giant bug or a bizarre monster coming to fight with the courage owners. The courage would always be for the owners and compete with the monsters showing its daring acts.

The plotline is engaging, and not all the monsters in the show are evil and scary. There is a lot of humor that tickles the funny bones of the audience. The fun is evoked by courage. The animation style and artwork are breathtaking and are one of the best cartoon networks shows 2010. It had four seasons that make you feel nostalgic when you see the poster.


Arthur is another favorite and one of the oldest cartoon shows for kids. Marc Brown created it. The idea of turning the story in the book to the cartoon was incepted in 1995.

Many kids of the 1990s have grown watching one of these cartoon network shows of the 90s.

The show is all about the Aardvark family residing in a small town with animals that look similar to humans. There are many things that a 10-year old boy named Arthur and his school friends used to do, such as riding the bikes, do the homework, and cook up stories.

Kids and adults equally enjoy it. The show resembles a family next door. The character of Arthur is relatable to every kid.

The hero of the show would go camping in the fields and spend time with friends. He leads a healthy life in the suburbs with good friends around. There is a lot of mature content in the show, such as the hero getting infected with the can that is in the landfill, Francine; a character in the show would accept the job of the father as picking up the trash from every home.

The affluent friend of Arthur leads a healthy life with the poor Francine. The best thing is that Arthur would show courage in dealing with the people who bully him.

There are a lot of morals and good things that a show teaches to the kids. The show will implant some values in the kids and make them stronger by letting them accept who they are and what they are.

It was a hit show in the 1990s, and many saw this cartoon network shows 2011. Even today, the show is running successfully with its 16th season.

SpongeBob Square Pants

Every kid’s favorite cartoon show is SpongeBob Square Pants. There is no kid of the 1990s who does not know about this show. All the people irrespective of their age and interests watch this show. It was telecasted in 1999, and the creator of the show is Stephen Hillenburg.

The exciting part of the show is that it is all about a sponge who would reside on a pineapple amidst the unending ocean with two other people as its neighbor. There is a starfish in the show, which is a colossal hit character. The name is Patrick that lives under the rock.

There is an irritating character Squidward. The adobe of this character would be like a tiki head statue. SpongeBob, the hero of the show, would work at Krusty Krab, where his job is to serve burgers to the customers. The Squidward is a cashier of the store. Mr. Krab is the stingy person who does all the things that let him make some money. The squirrel is a remarkable character that lives in a beautiful dome and will always be on the toes to do something else.

These characters make a huge mark in the cartoon world. It is one of the classic shows that are even the favorite of many kids today.

The memorable show has a lot of humor that even the older adults can enjoy to the core. The show is simple and no vulgarity. No cartoon show can beat this one even today. There is the 9th season that is running today. One of the cartoon networks shows 2011 that you can re-watch all the episodes to go back to your childhood days and enjoy for a while from the daily grind.

Teen Titans

It tops the list of 2010s cartoon network shows.

Who does not like superhero characters? Many will admire the superhero and want to become like them when they grow up, especially cartoon network shows of the 90s. The Teen Titans are such superhero cartoon shows that will stay permanently in the minds of the 1990s. The show start goes back to 2003. It is an inspiration drawn from the comic book known as The New Teen Titans. The book was a massive hit in the 80s.

The story is about five teenagers who have superpowers. The show has four seasons. The powerful villains would give fierce competition to the teenagers who have different superpowers. You can enjoy England how it t to look at the 60s.

The Mumbo Jumbo and the musician, who can change the reality by spelling the magic, are an exciting part of the show. The humor and adventures would take this show to the next level. The villain will play the mind game to attain what he wants.

There is only a single villain in each episode, but every character and personality of the villain is unique. Despite new cartoon network shows, many are still evincing interest in watching this show.

The titans who are heroes of the show are engaging. The green-skinned titan who can change into any animal in seconds and the star fire that can fly and have the power to pelt bullets from the hands would take people to a fantasy world as long as they are watching this cartoon show.

Adventure time

It is one of the hits cartoon network shows 2010. Pendleton Ward creates it.

The story revolves around the boy and his stretchy dog. The name of the dog is Jake, and the boy’s name is Finn. The best show of 2010 was telecasted till 2018 that everyone can watch. The series has set in the Land of Ooo. The cartoon can capture human nature with contradictions easily. Both the child and the dog tries to survive in the world where there are only a few traces of civilizations left. It is a heartwarming friendship tale that takes you on an adventurous ride in a magical world. They combat the monsters, and it also shows the significance of friendship.

The series got over in 2018 with ten seasons successfully starting cartoon network shows 2010.

Pinky and the Brain

It is the cartoon show that is aa favorite for kids even today. It was one of the most popular cartoon network shows of the 90s. There are a lot of humorous elements that you can see in this show. The show was created in 1955, and the creator is Tom Ruegger.

However, the show has just four seasons, yet it is the favorite cartoon show of many kids. The Brain is the hero of the show who wants to conquer the world with the dump friend Pinky.

The mice are skinny and lay back, and the other is a fat-head, sarcastic, and smart. The Brain has the same voice as Orson Welles. They both travel together to different places. You can see the pop culture in the cartoon show.

The show has a lot of humor about how the Beatles have broken up. The show is about whether Brain was able to succeed or not and how competent he was Pinky with Brain. It is one of the cartoon network classics pieces with a lot of humor.


It is another cartoon show that takes the first place of the kid even in the list of 2010s cartoon network shows. It was the most successful cartoon show in the 60s. The theme song is soothing to ears always.

It is the story that revolves around the four teenagers who would talk about the help of the dog named Scooby to carry out the criminal investigations that happen in the town. The twist in the tale is that the crime is that some beast, spirit, or some supernatural power commits the crime. The show is powerful with a lot of mystery.

Even today so many people watch this show. When things are going normal, they get to hear the word crime again. The team will investigate to chase the person who committed the crime. There is an intense fight with the monster, and the team will arrest the criminals at the end. The criminals will do evil by wearing a monster mask, and the team will unmask and learn about the criminal motive.

Every episode is exciting. Though new cartoon network shows are coming up in the cartoon world, many still want to watch this cartoon show.

The cartoon network shows 2019 are Star wars rebels, gravity falls, Superman, and Batman.

Final thoughts

You can just go back to treasure those fond memories you had in your childhood watching the cartoon series by watching them again on OTT platforms.