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Capcom Will Strive on Quality Control in Their Games

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There was a time when Capcom games were viewed with bad eyes for their quality or intrusive monetization practices; however, with releases like Monster Hunter World, they have regained the confidence of some. Apparently, that game was just the beginning of a new era in which the distributor will strive to create better releases.

What we are referring to is that, in an open letter to his investors, Kenzo Tsujimoto, CEO of Capcom, pointed out that the quality of its releases is a crucial issue for the company. He also made it clear that he will strive to deliver more gaming experiences that satisfy his consumers.

“We feel that the quality of our game software is a vital matter, and one with which our entire company must be involved. As such, even more so than before, we will strive to create games that delight all of our customers by prioritizing their needs and thoroughly administering strict quality control,” said the manager.

In the letter, Tsujimoto revealed that last year it was discovered that there was a falsification of data in the quality control processes of some Japanese companies, which had an impact on several brands. This is why Capcom will avoid problems when conducting market analysis and coordinating its marketing and development teams.

“We are committed to the continued production of games that compete at the global level, as one of the top runners in the evolving game industry. We humbly ask our stakeholders for their continued support, as we pursue the creation of new value,” he concluded.

As you know, Monster Hunter World debuted a couple of weeks ago and became a global hit. It is a game that stands out for offering a lot of good quality content and for valuing the effort of the players. We’ll see if Tsujimoto’s words indicate that Capcom’s goal is to concentrate on delivering more similar experiences.

In a bitter news, reports surfaced yesterday that says there was a wave of layoffs at Capcom Vancouver, a studio known to be responsible for the Dead Rising series. On the other hand, the company revealed that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite had little impact on their finances.