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Capcom wants to bring their AAA titles on Nintendo Switch; Resident Evil 7 incoming?

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Capcom has recently reaffirmed the will to support Nintendo Switch with not only original and exclusive productions (like Ultra Street Fighters II The Final Challengers) but also bringing major AAA titles of its catalog on the new console of Nintendo.

So far it is not very well understood the position of Capcom on the possibility of bringing Resident Evil 7 on Nintendo Switch, but the last consideration by the Osaka house seem to favor the possibility of this version that had emerged some time ago.

In fact, the house of Osaka wants to support Switch and plans to take over a series of triple A titles belonging to its catalog. Among these we can not miss a mention of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game that is proving to be a great commercial success even in these times.

No specific game has been revealed but according to some rumors Resident Evil VII would be one of the “suspected” titles to get on Switch, along with Dead Rising 4 (as soon as the temporary exclusive time expires with Microsoft) and Monster Hunter XX.

Recently Masaru Mitsuyoshi of Nintendo and Masaru Ijuin of Capcom met to discuss possible collaborations between the two companies, with Capcom that would be very interested in Switch, although other projects have not been announced in addition to the new version of Street Fighter 2.

The publisher wants to bring its major titles on Switch and among them there would be also Resident Evil 7, considering that the nVidia hardware capabilities within the console can be used properly.

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