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Capcom wants to bring RE engine for Nintendo Switch

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Through the pages GamesIndustry Japan, Masaru Ijuin of Capcom has revealed that the company plans to optimize the RE engine (the engine behind Resident Evil VII Biohazard) for Nintendo Switch.

The new engine of Capcom game could make its debut on the Nintendo Switch, with some new game in the coming months.

Capcom is one of the partners that supports Nintendo Switch and, apparently, will go beyond mere words. At a recent conference in a Japanese Game Developer conference, Capcom has expressed interest in bringing the RE engine on the new console of Nintendo.

The RE engine is a game engine used in Resident Evil 7, which is embodied in a graphic that tries to show realistic photos. Obviously this is a difficult objective, but apparently the software company is already working on it.

“Ijyuin said of Capcom is looking into porting RE Engine to Switch by attempting to optimize it to operate in a low power state. In order to port it, it is necessary to make the engine capable of corresponding to two different performance modes: docked and portable. Therefore, it is not an easy task, but they would like to put in the effort to achieve it,” said one of the Capcom representatives.

The RE engine will be then amended and updated to run on a platform with a quantity of less RAM than the platforms of competition, also the engine will have to be optimized to avoid creating problems in the Dock and portable modes.

Ijuin said he was still confident about it, though the work may actually be longer than expected, just because of the publisher’s desire to create a stable engine in its entirety.

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