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Capcom Vancouver has given up work on the Dino Crisis reboot?

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According to the insider Jawmuncher, Capcom would offer to his Capcom Vancouver team (known for the series of Dead Rising) to work on a reboot of Dino Crisis, however, the offer was rejected by the Canadian studio.

Who does not remember Dino Crisis, one of the two survival horror that, along with Resident Evil, contributed to the myth of the PlayStation building to the sound of dinosaurs and puzzles?

According to a new rumor from the supposed insider Jawmuncher filtered through the pages of the NeoGaf forum, Capcom would have offered the opportunity to work on a reboot of the series to none other than Capcom Vancouver.

The idea of a reboot of Dino Crisis dates back to 2013 and at the very end of that year the publisher would have proposed to Capcom Vancouver two choices: develop the “new beginning” of a basic set of dinosaurs or take care of a new IP titled Knights of Aegis and leaked in recent days.

Since the facts have now been more than three years, and none of the two titles have yet to see the light of day, it is possible that both projects have been cancelled by the publisher, in any case required we invite you to take this news with the necessary precautions waiting for a confirmation or denial.