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Capcom Producer Talks About Changes in the Control System of Resident Evil 2

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Until we have Resident Evil 2 in our hands we can consider if it is a remake or a title that, despite its original source, can be considered as a new installment of the franchise. The idea that has been handled by the development team refers that there are essential elements and new integrations, but the fans want to know what will happen in specific sections and Tsuyoshi Kanda spoke about it.

In an interview published today by Polygon, Tsuyoshi Kanda, producer of Resident Evil 2 spoke about the changes that will take place in the control system of the game, an element that marked the original title and even today is remembered, many times, in a joking tone by players.

To start, the creative approached the update in the game mechanics and control system in Resident Evil 2, something that was defined as necessary to comply with current standards: “Yeah. We’ve had to update it in a way that makes sense to modern game players in terms of accessibility. People have certain standards they expect today, whether it’s ease of moving the character, aiming, controlling the camera. These are all kind of just basics you have to hit. Within that context, we can still add difficulty. This isn’t a shooter where you can aim exactly where you want to all the time. We can bring a certain weight to the controls to make it challenging. You still panic in the moment to pick up your gun and shoot a certain part of the zombie. That feeds into the horror part.”

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At the same time, Kanda said that the fact that Resident Evil 2 has been brought to this time does not mean that it has to change its essence, because the goal is to keep it as a survival horror title: “Just by making a modern, accessible game doesn’t mean you have to make a quick action game. You can make an accessible game and still make decisions that put it firmly in the survival horror camp.”

Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.