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Capcom Stock Drops, Monster Hunter World Sales Considered To Be At “Risk”

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Monster Hunter World is the best-selling game of Capcom of all time. Don’t you think 8 million copies are enough to talk about its success? Yes, in the short term, but in the long run it cannot be said now because the mechanics of the video game market are much more complex than they seem.

Yesterday Merrill Lynch of Japan lowered the target price from 2,800 to 2,300 yen, downgrading Capcom’s shares to “underperform”. The reason? Sales of Monster Hunter World in the coming months are considered to be at risk. This made the Japanese publisher lose 11.87% on the Tokyo stock exchange, a real slump, despite the announcement of the PC version of Monster Hunter World.

What happened? Difficult to say. Not even an expert like Dr. Serkan Toto, a video game analyst, has an answer. In fact, it would be interesting to know the full reasons for such a prediction for Monster Hunter World, which currently sounds really arbitrary.

However, Monster Hunter World is already available for PS4 and Xbox One, while on August 9 it will be available for PC, in advance of what was predicted (before there was talk of autumn 2018).