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Capcom signs a cross-licensing agreement with Bandai Namco for online matching

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Capcom Japan has announced that it has entered into a new collaboration agreement with Bandai Namco Games, a cross-licensing partnership that will allow both companies to improve the online segment of its titles, including Street Fighter.

Capcom, recently at the center of a major controversy related to Monster Hunter XX, has signed a cross-license agreement with Bandai Namco concerning the standard online games such as Street Fighter.

The goal of Capcom and Bandai Namco is to improve the online segment of its products to provide users with higher quality experience, in addition to accelerating the development of new products, and reduce costs. The two companies were satisfied with the agreement signed and Capcom has announced that in the future it will consider ulterior initiatives of this type, other details are not known at the time.

You can check the overview of the agreement below, via Capcom:

The purpose of this agreement is to improve the user experience while accelerating the production of titles and reducing development costs for both parties. Further, with this cross-license for online matching, Capcom aims to effectively utilize the patents it has been granted in game series such as Street Fighter in order to deliver even more exciting content to game players.

With this agreement as a starting point, Capcom will continue to explore cross-licensing opportunities in order to safeguard its patents while improving the user experience and contributing to a healthier game industry