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Capcom shows Two New videos of ‘The world of Resident Evil 7’

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Capcom has shown two short videos of Resident Evil 7 of a new series called “The world of Resident Evil 7,” where they will show various aspects of this sequel.

Resident Evil 7

When it comes to Resident Evil 7, Capcom would obviously leave nothing by chance. With the new video series of “The World of Resident Evil 7”, the players should be attuned to the horror title.

In recent months, the leaders of Capcom made repeatedly clear that they are definitely serious about Resident Evil 7. Thus the title will return, according to officials not only to the playful roots of the series and provide a gripping survival horror experience, moreover, it shall rejoice you in a playful area with one or the other innovation.

This time one of them is dedicated to the phone calls that we will be getting along the adventure, while in the other we can see the collection of ammunition. Capcom kept secret everything related to the action, but it is confirmed that we can use weapons of shotguns and pistols to explosives, flame throwers and even a chainsaw.

Resident Evil 7 will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 24. This installment will go for horror rather than by the action, but this time the camera will be in the first person.

Recently the demo was updated, unlocking a new room. The mystery of this test is still not resolved, but it is expected that in the future can be accessed throughout the house.