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Capcom Reconfirms Next Mega Man Game Is In Development

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One of Capcom’s most important franchises is undoubtedly Mega Man. This series seems to have entered into inactivity in the last decade, which was resented by its followers. Fortunately, winds of prosperity seem to favor the series, because in addition to the new installment, which was confirmed at the beginning of the year, is going well, it was recently revealed that Capcom has great plans for the distant future.

In an interview with 4Gamer, the producer of the blue bomber series, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya gave more details about the franchise’s new game, which is already in production. When questioned about the possibility of the new title marking the return of the Star Force or Command Mission substrings, the developer confessed that they have already decided what the next iteration course will be.

“There are a lot of titles I personally want to work on, but to tell the truth the next game to be developed has already been decided on, I’d just like to keep the specific details hidden for the moment. Please wait until we make an announcement,” Tsuchiya replied.

Later, the creative mentioned that they do not despise any version of Mega Man and that they do not consider any title as a spin-off, since each version of the franchise responds to each generation. “When speaking of “Mega Man”, there will always be people who think of “X”, as well as people who think of “EXE”, and I think that’s why each one’s concept of what Mega Man is changes depending on the generation. For that reason, we don’t want to deny any series of its future,” said Tsuchiya.

Finally, the producer mentioned that Capcom has plans to extend the Mega Man brand to 10 or 20 years more, through stimulation, because it ensures that they will be able to experiment with new titles at the same time as with new players. So, you can be certain that Capcom has not forgotten or will forget Mega Man in the long term future.

What do you think of the statements of the producer of the franchise? What subset of Mega Man would you like Capcom to revive? Tell us in the comments below.