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Can Your Business Benefit from Influencer Marketing?

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What or who is a social media influencer? In online marketing parlance, a social media influencer in marketing is a social media user who proved their credibility in a particular industry. The person has access to a huge audience and can effectively persuade other people through their reach and authenticity.

Many online marketers benefit from selecting specific social media influencers to help them market their brand, products or services to a range of target audiences in order to have a tighter, more comprehensive social media management strategy. 

Definition of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is using the consumer reach of an existing influencer who already developed a strong brand reputation and large following in an industry niche. The influence can endorse a company’s product, support the brand, or even co-create the content, with the goal of increasing brand awareness and increasing sales.

Improving social media management by using a social media influencer

Using a social media influencer for your marketing campaign is not new. The practice has been around for at least ten years. But it is still one of the fastest-growing methods to acquire leads and customers. Many online marketers find the method as the most cost-effective marketing strategy they can use.

If you have a content marketing strategy, using an influencer can bring more positive results for your company.

However, you should know how to select the right influencer to help your brand. Here are some tips on how to find the right one.

        Do research. Influencers are popular in a specific niche and particular group of people. In order to find the right one, you should understand your target audience and their preferences. Influencers are popular in certain platforms and specific products and services, not across the board. Aside from the social media platform, you should also look at what type of content the influence produces, and what they typically say, as their statements may not be applicable to your business or product. Be practical and use the free tools that can help you find influencers that will match your target demographics

        Review their content. Content will always be king. To improve your communication with your audience, you should find an influencer that produces interesting content. You will find influencers who seem to have a large following, only to find out that their content does not captivate. When they have sponsors, they typically include them as a part of their overall content, which gives your brand or product a lower audience impression. When the influencer is engaged and the content is entertaining, your chances of getting an organic audience are higher.

        Be subtle. The phrase ”think outside the box” applies here. You do not have to be obvious when using an influencer as part of your social media management strategy. For example, you do not have to use a popular gamer if you are promoting a video game. You can bring a fresh take on the product by using a person who plays video games to create an unboxing video or a review of your product. That is why research is vital. You can discover influencers who can provide a new approach or produce something more creative that will present your brand in unique ways.

        Support small influencers. While you make the decisions regarding your influencer marketing efforts, which include choosing an influencer with millions of followers, do not forget the influencers whose following are only in the thousands. These micro-influencers will become the new influencers later. Moreover, there are research results indicating that like rate of influencers with millions of followers are lower than the micro-influencers because the audience engagement goes down. What’s more, the comment rate goes down as well. Therefore, use some microinfluencers who can relate more to your target audience, and keep an eye on others who have the potential to be a bigger influencer soon.

Another benefit of using the micro-influencers is their loyalty. Since you will be the first to offer them an income for doing something that they love, they will be more attached to your brand and may offer you something beyond your agreement. You can use that as an advantage since they will be making their content more meaningful and personal, which can lead to a long-term agreement and growth with you.

        Be truthful and genuine. Another benefit of doing research is that you will find the influencers whose values match your brand values. You made the effort to find them and review their content and checking how they can fit your brand. You can get them onboard by being honest with them and telling them how you found them. You may find the reasons why they did not consider your product or business. You’ll be more convincing if you are truthful, which can help you find out if they will be equally useful to you. While doing your research, it’s highly probable that you encounter many influencers who only mention the sponsors for the cash and others who genuinely support the product.

Influencer marketing allows you to focus your marketing activities on primary individuals who can influence many potential buyers, which can be more direct and measurable compared to targeting an entire market.

In summary, using an influencer can help you build better credibility and trust. The influencer becomes a spokesperson for your brand. You use their voice and the content they create to personally endorse your product or service. They are not using a message that is created by your professional copywriter, so the message becomes genuine.

The influencer helps improve your social media management strategy by providing your greater audience reach and a wide range of content. The unique way to presenting your product or service engages the target audience. Their trust and belief in the influencer can make them react positively to your product, which can lead to an increase in sales.

You can tap more high-quality sales leads with an influencer because they talk directly to your specific audience. Thus, they pass on the message to people who are more than likely to make a purchase.

Using an influencer provides you many benefits that help improve your online marketing strategies based on your target market. Find the right influencer to utilize as an outside voice that can drive potential leads and actual customers.