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Can IGTV Boost Your Following On Instagram

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Globally there are over 5 billion people who use a mobile device, and this number will increase daily.

Owners of the devices are using them for personal use, school, and fun. Regardless of what the user uses their piece of technology for, they will have apps that they download or ones their subscriber have pre-installed.

IGTV is an application you can add or remove at any time, but it will not give you free IG followers unless you are continuously active on the account or find more information from marketing firms. 

Let’s find out more about IGTV, and see if the right application for you.

It’s An App

Commonly known as a mobile application, apps are the way to keep everything you like from the internet on your mobile device.

This computer software increases the volume of accessibility users have to a business.

Mobile apps allow users to download to their favorite device and continue their tasks without being glued to a desktop.

With IGTV you give yourself the freedom to reach people who do not watch anything except videos on the social media platform.

Disconnect From Instagram

Stay connected even when you are not logged onto the platform. 

Tell your followers when you are about to go live with a post on Instagram, and then lead them to the channel.

From there you can disconnect from the web-based account and continue to video app. 

Tell a story, demonstrate a skit, or just talk about what is going on in the world. 

No matter what you decide to perform live, you will have a greater impact on the viewer places their attention on your channel.

Hashtags And Links

There are not many social media posts that you can find that do no thave hashtags.

IGTV is no different, and since they are the offspring of Instagram (the creator of using hashtags) it only makes sense to utilize what they offer for people to follow you.

Hashtags are the best way to increase discoverability on IGTV and Instagram.  

Users have permission to use up to 30 of them, and if those aren’t enough they can add a direct link.

More Followers, More Time

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A few seconds is never enough time to really say what you have to people. It will leave you feeling like you did not accomplish your purpose unless you are already famous. 

IGTV allows its users with a low count of followers to post videos with lengths from 15 seconds up 10 minutes. The account holders who have a large following can extend their video length up to one hour.

Growing your followers is one of the benefits of the app, and once you post enough engaging video you will be able to reap.

High Quality for Videos

Are you interested in allowing people to see you crystal clear?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes; high-quality videos are what viewers want to see, and if they see the quality of the video is poor they will move on to one that is better.

For IGTV, users are given instructions to upload videos with a minimum of 720 pixels and the video file should be no larger than 650 megabytes in size. With this type of specification, they can keep engaging fans without freezing or unclear screens.

Higher pixels offer higher quality videos and you want to ensure the file you are trying to upload uses MP4 formatting or it will not make the cut.

Easy Sharing For Content

If you are the account holder of the IGTV account, you have the right to share your videos directly to your Instagram story. 

There is a paper airplane to click, and the rest of the work is done for you.

Your followers also have the opportunity to share your IGTV videos. For them, to be able to use this feature you must make the account public.

You want people to share, this way the next time you decide to go live or upload a video, they will know when you are posting.

Anyone Can Use IGTV

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Since IGTV is a mobile application, anyone with a mobile device can start watching their friends, anytime and anywhere. 

There is a twist; you have to have an Instagram account. If you already own an account the process is easy.

If you do not have account, signing up is free. The platform only requires that you set up a profile name and a picture that shows who you are or what you represent.

While setting up the account you want to connect with your other social media platforms so your followers can know where to find you.

First Minute Engagement

Before creating your video, think about how are you going to keep people staring at their screens.

The first minute will grow your followers, or leave then uninterested and on to the next.

Previews of the video are on the user’s feed, and this is where they get to see the first minute of the production. 

A good idea is to add behind the scene footage because this way you are giving followers just enough to make them want to tune-in.

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