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Calvino Noir game download available on August 25 2015 for PS4 and August 27 for PC

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Calvino Noir is a new upcoming game releasing on 27th August 2015. This one is a impressive side scrolling game with a new kind of storyline. The game looks very unique and will be coming first on PS4 on August 25th. Then after two days the game will also come on PC. Below is the gameplay video that you can checkout.

Calvino Noir takes you to a distant journey. You can take control over three main characters in the game and each of them are having special ability that will let you to solve puzzles and make way out. You can also enter into various buildings. You can use simple abilities like concealment, sneaking and brute force. Also the buildings are protected by guards that can be easily distracted through false alarms.

Calvino Noir Screenshot
Calvino Noir Screenshot

The game environment is quite unique which is based on 1930s architecture. You get a old country to explore and the game somehow looks like playing in a real-time old black and white movie. The game offers an impressive puzzle based gameplay with amazing story line and lots of things to discover in the game. The game looks quite unique from the video that you can check at the end of this article.

Game Features:

Stealth And Subterfuge

  • Control three main characters, each with a special ability.
  • Infiltrate buildings using concealment, sneaking and brute force.
  • Distract guards with alarms to clear your path.

Architecturally Designed Environments

  • Beautiful 1930s architecture provides the sombre backdrop for the tale.
  • Just like classic film noir stories, the visuals are presented in shades of grey.
  • Alcoves and corridors are your hiding places, but they have secrets too.

A Film Noir Mystery Plot

  • Conspire with multiple characters to start a revolution.
  • Experience the city through Wilt’s dry wit and disillusionment.
  • Learn about Siska’s optimism and drive to reveal corruption.