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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Weapon Variants DLC download available soon

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COD Advance Warfare gets a new DLC that adds more weapons in the game. This DLC is released already for Xbox One. And now this is soon going to come on PS4 and PC. The aim of this DLC is to add more weapons variants in the game for competitive gameplay. We are not really sure whether the DLC will be free or paid. The official sources shows there will be new SAC3 and Royalty Elite Variants. The pack will bring up 5 SAC non-akimbo variants of the SAC3. You can see that from the image below.

After that comes the 10 Royalty Elite variants. Also available are 10 Royalty Elite variants. Dressed in the same purple and gun-metal camouflage as the Grand Master Prestige armor, these weapons feature similar stats to the Elite versions of weapons you already love.

The DLC mostly target weapons. Overall the DLC is pending to release but gamers can find this for Xbox One already. Along with the weapons there is a Nuero Gear Set provided in the game. This one is only limited to Xbox One and Xbox 360. There are 4 variations in this. Below you can check the weapons list:

Weapons List:-

SAC3 non-akimbo variants

  • SAC3 – Base weapon
  • SAC3 – Solitary
  • SAC3 – Isolated
  • SAC3 – Loner
  • SAC3 – Introvert
  • SAC3 – Royalty

Royalty Elite Variants –

  • BAL – 27 – Royalty
  • HBRa3 – Royalty
  • ASM1 – Royalty
  • TAC – 19 – Royalty
  • AMELI – Royalty
  • AK12 – Royalty
  • KFS – Royalty
  • MORS – Royalty
  • PYTAEK – Royalty
  • M1 – IRONS – Royalty