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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare new Patch adds 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige

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Sledgehammer has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that adds some new content and changes other elements, currently available on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Among the most important novelty is the inclusion of the Grand Master rank with Prestige emblems related, while for owners of the Season Pass opens access to the new heavy weapon called Ohm, with its variant Ohm Werewolf, which should be connected to the next DLC Ascendance.

Other changes include the adjustment in the size of the fonts and the ability to pause mode of Exo Zombies.

Below are some of the release notes of this new patch found at this address:

DLC 1 Havoc New Content [PC]:
* New Maps Added for Multiplayer and Exo Survival: Drift, Urban, Core, and Sideshow.
* New Mode Added: Exo Zombies.
* New Weapon Added: AE4, and 10 of the AE4 variants have been added to the loot pool.
* Added DLC playlists; HAVOC TDM and HAVOC Mosh Pit.
* Added the Havoc DLC maps to the map rotation in the Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist.

In-Game Updates:
* Full Royalty Character Loot Set unlocked.
* Connectivity Optimizations
* Connectivity and matchmaking improvements when in a party.
* Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.
* Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
* Fixed a rare issue where players were not able to spawn into the game.
* Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
* Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn without a gun.
* Players will now be shown a “Player does not own the map pack” message when a player without the Havoc DLC joins their party.
* Added the ability for purchased Create-A-Class slots to appear in Private Matches.
* [Xbox One] Connectivity improvement to Xbox Live servers when returning from Energy-Saving mode.
* [Xbox One, Xbox 360] Fixed a rare crash issue with signing out with one player while split screen.
* [Xbox 360] Reduced the max number of players in a Private Match to 10.