Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC available for download on March 31 2015

A new DLC for COD is going to be released on March 31st of this year. This new DLC is known as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance. First it is going to be released on consoles of Xbox One and Xbox 360. These two platforms will be getting the DLC first and later on it might come on other platform also. There are huge expectations regarding the launch of this DLC. But yet things are not finalized about new additions to be coming in the game.

We however tried to collect as much of information as we can on this. It is being found that the new DLC will be having some new additions in the multiplayer map. It will be getting 4 new maps. There will be also some custom weapons and new ability called as Exo Grapple. All new maps will support the usage of Exo features. Also you will be surprised to find that this new Exo feature is also applied on the zombies. That means this time you might have to deal with a new kind of enemy which is tougher to kill.

A few glimpses of maps we are able to locate include Perplex. This is a building where you can find constant changes in the construction module. Another map which is called as Site 244 has an alien shop which is crashed on Mt. Rushmore. There are many elements that plays important role in the gameplay and will make it more challenging. Another map which is called as Chop Shop where players will be in an industrial complex dealing with competitive enemies. This is not the first time Exo Zombies were added in the game. But there are certain enhancement that will make the game a bit better. There will be some more new episodes in it.

To get detailed information on the DLC visit the official blog here.