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Rumor: Call of Duty 2019 Release Date Leaked

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The numerous rumors on Call of Duty are continuing to become stronger and stronger. Call of Duty 2019, so-called until its actual name was revealed, had been revealed to the world a few days ago thanks to the images leaked on the social networks and thanks to some well-known personalities in the American sports world who had been invited to a closed-door reveal organized by Activision.

Subsequently, the same publisher has confirmed the existence of the new Call of Duty, but now to share new rumors and new assumptions is Robert Bowling, the former Creative Strategist of the famous franchise who now has a development studio of his own. The short video posted on Bowling’s Twitter profile shows an image that refers to the well-known chapter of the Modern Warfare saga with a slow zoom towards the face of the character Ghost.

The post was immediately followed by another video showing the death scene of the character in question, where one of the Modern Warfare 2 quotes can be heard, or “The story is written by the winners. History is full of liars. If they live, and we die, their truth will be written and ours will be lost. “

The images are accompanied by the caption that presents the date 10.8.19 which could indicate the release date of the new game, or September 8th of this year. However, we would like to remind you that Robert Bowling has not been a part of the Call of Duty franchise for 3 years, so how can he know something more about the new game? It could also be a simple reference to 2009, the year in which rumors emerged about a spin-off starring Ghost.

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What do you think Robert Bowling is referring to with this date? Is it possible that he has revealed the possible release date of Call of Duty 2019?