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Burnout Paradise confirmed to be compatible with Xbox One

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Launched in 2001 by Criterion Games, Burnout series has quickly become a favorite to enthusiasts of typical arcade driving. Thus a half-dozen titles will be succeeded until episode Paradise comprising an open world appreciated by fans.

Burnout Paradise Screenshot
Burnout Paradise Screenshot

While a few weeks ago, Criterion said to be in negotiations to highlight this aspect of the Xbox One with backward compatibility, developers make us understand today that discussions have gone in the right direction. And Indeed, the Twitter account of the Criterion Games studio confirmed that the backwards compatible version of Burnout Paradise is currently in the pipeline, check it below.

A very good news for the gamers, but also for Microsoft that increasingly expanded the catalog of its latest edition with backwards compatibility. If it is rather a new Burnout series that tempts you, know that the old Criterion met to work on a spiritual successor to the series with the album Takedown for model. Recall that Burnout Paradise was released January 24, 2008 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.