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Bungie Announces How It Will Fix Eververse and Bring Necessary Changes in Destiny 2

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After Destiny 2 went through a turbulent period in which the criticisms of the users were noticed, Bungie decided that the best way to act was to listen to the players and make the relevant changes to satisfy its community and deliver a gaming experience that satisfies them. As announced, today the company revealed the 2018 landscape for its title.

Today Bungie announced the changes that will be implemented in the Destiny 2 system to improve the experience and put an end to user criticism. Christopher Barrett, the director of the game, addressed the community and exposed the commitment of the entire development team to act and not just listen. Example of this is the first action taken by Bungie that focuses on the definition of the content to which players who have the base game and those who also acquire the expansions will have access.

The content definition of Destiny 2 is divided into 3 categories: expansions, seasons and Eververse system. As for the expansions, obviously, they will have exclusive content that includes the new campaign, new location, rewards, a new Raid Lair, maps of the Crucible and exotic and legendary equipment. However, seasonal content will be available to all players, who will be able to participate in Iron Banner, faction events, reputation rewards and seasonal events. Finally, the Eververse system, which offers the option to pay with resources obtained with game effort or real money, includes customizable items, gifts, and poses. Taking advantage of the announcement, Bungie revealed that the faction events will return on January 16 and Iron Banner on the 30th of the same month.

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Since it touched the topic related to the Eververse system, Bungie informed that the second season of Destiny 2 will show important changes as it will privilege the access to content through the achievements obtained via the game, over the operations with Bright Engrams and this will be reflected by adding Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships as rewards. Regarding the Bright Engrams, the company informed that it will establish a way to win them with the game performance.

These changes will be available in the event of Valentine’s Day, Crimson Days, which will arrive on February 13 and will offer important rewards with the possibility of obtaining different types of Engrams.

On the other hand, Bungie said they are investigating the best way to give a balance to the acquisition of XP in Destiny 2 because they want everything to be transparent and the gain is consistent regardless of the activity the player performs.

Another of the important changes that Bungie will implement in Destiny 2, from the update of January 30, will be the integration of the Masterpiece category to the armors, which will have many benefits, including a decrease in the damage caused when performing a super movement. In addition, the company is committed to improving the Raids to make them more interesting.

The update path for Destiny 2 in 2018 will include another update in February that will reflect changes in Nightfall, where the mechanical time limit will be replaced by a scoring system. At the same time, the chat function for the Tower will be added to the PC version.

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Finally, Bungie informed that they are analyzing all the feedback obtained after the release of Curse of Osiris to improve the second expansion of Destiny 2 and assured that in the spring of this year they will improve the experience in the Crucible and will enable private meetings so that players can enjoy a game session with your friends.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.